Retirement Plan Review is a thorough analysis of your current pension plan with the twofold goal of increasing your share of the annual deposit and reducing your plan's administrative expenses. Once the review is complete, you will receive a formal plan recommendation which is customized to meet your goals.

How Can A Retirement Plan Review Benefit You? 

1. Increase your share of the annual deposit.

2. Optimize the plan design to meet your goals.

3. Reduce annual administration expenses.

4. Increase the number of funds and funds families available. 5. Allow access to professional money management for all participants.


Information needed for a Retirement Plan Review? 
1. Completed fact finder sheet.

2. Employee census.

3. Copy of your plan documents.

4. Copy of the 5500 reporting form you filed with the IRS last year.

Do you know that the small business retirement plan laws have liberalized over the last few years?  The enactment of the Pension Protection Act dramatically increases the benefits available to owners and top executives.

If you do not have a retirement plan, or even if you do have an existing plan, you need to review the new plans created by recent tax law changes available for small business owners. Retirement plans are more flexible and appealing than ever before, and there are numerous plan designs to choose from. Retirement plans today may allow you, as the small business owner, to receive 60%, 70%, or even more of the deductible business contribution. In such cases, it could be costing you money not having a plan! But how do you know which type of plan to choose?


Allow us to give you a free look at the innovative retirement plans available today and to provide you with a plan design that meets the goals & budgets of you & your employees.

You have retirement goals—let us help you achieve them.




Comparison Chart
Comparison Chart

Please download the chart to compare the features and benefits of 401K, Safe Harbor 401K, Simple 401K, Simple IRA, Profit Sharing, SEP IRA, Money Purchase, Defined Benefit, 412(e) (3), etc